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Company Bien Air was found in 1959 by David Mosimann, precision mechanic. The Swiss entrepreneur's vision was to develop medical instruments which would make practitioners lives easier. The philosophy is still preserved and encouraged today by his son Vincent Mosimann. In 1991 the company developed new silent Bora turbines that offered high power and torque, which proved a highly successful combination.

Every evolution of the Bora and Prestige series embodies Bien-Air’s user-focused approach to micro-precision engineering. Impressive bur concentricity, safe cooling of the treatment site, and near-perfect weight distribution are just three of a tall list of performance- and comfort-enhancing features for you to benefit from. With Prestige’s most compact head, those hard to reach areas in the back of the mouth are accessed with surprising ease. Exceed the high standards you’ve set for yourself with the proven competence and quality this progressive series stands for.

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