MPF Optimum

MPF Optimum

The Optimum™ range of brushes and instruments, designed by Nondas Vlachopoulos, is a revolution in the dental ceramic brush industry.

Its balanced, lightweight, aluminum structure and ergonomic design make this brush handle by far the greatest design ever to be released to the dental ceramic market, hence the name “Optimum”.

With its streamlined curves, the handle positions itself perfectly in your grip, allowing for full control of your build up technique.

This range was designed with astute attention to detail; the metal point on the end of the handle allows you to punch your dowel pins from the base of your models without having to change tools, the perforated posterior shaft acts as a mini hammer for condensing your ceramic... all-round a highly considered design.

The MPF Brush Co. philosophy is to insist on the highest quality and most durable materials for our products. With this as a key focus, we have used kolinsky sable-hair on all brush tips. Being a natural product, it is far superior to any synthetic hair the market has to offer.

Once you try this new range we’re sure you’ll never look back!

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