An Italian leading company of technical furniture in metal for dental laboratories, dental clinics and more.

It all began in Veneto, Cornuda: a small town of Treviso district. Veneto own rich cultural and historical background as well as long tradition of craftsmanship. Since 1976, CATO, an acronym for building furniture dental technicians, tells a story of a tenacious and visionary dream made of constant and total commitment, which, thanks to the experience and intuition of its founder and still charismatic leader of the company, Donato Dalla Libera, makes himself noticeable for quality and innovation of its professional furnishings, made by specialized personnel, with the latest technology, providing the most high levels of quality and durability, which is why CATO represents a choice of quality fruit of a profound know-how and rich value-added in the sign of a technology and professionalism proudly Italian.

CATO, since the eighties has established an international vision that has made the brand a progressive benchmark for quality products, design, ergonomics, style, innovation, and also a source of inspiration for several competitors, thanks to the ability to create always new synthesis of aesthetic refinement, technological innovation and a passion for details: distinctively Italian values, spokesman for the Made in Italy and Italian life style in the world.

A rich history of new elements. Mainly the thirst for innovation. Technological, environmental and organizational renovation with a strong aspiration to increase its international presence, never forgetting the domestic market. You and us.
This is why our history is a little yours.

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